MapBiomas data are public, open and free of charge under a Creative Commons CC-BY-SA license and with the reference of the source observing the format provided in the Terms of Use.

Similarly, the use of the MapBiomas trademark, represented by its name, logo, and its variations, may also be made by the general public as long as the following conditions are respected:

– the MapBiomas trademark shall not be used for commercial purposes; its use shall be made only for purposes of reference to the project;

– the MapBiomas trademark shall not be used in any way that suggests association, sponsorship, or support of any product, company/institution, or political cause that has not been explicitly made by the MapBiomas network on a previous occasion;

– the MapBiomas trademark shall not be used in conjunction with other graphic elements that result in the alteration of the proportions, composition, colors, background, typography, or vertical and horizontal versions of its identity.

Access the complete Brand Guidelines(available in Portuguese only)  to learn all the rules for the use of colors, proportions, typography, and related information.