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30/11/2023 18:00

Colección 3 Bosque Atlântico Trinacional

“Ciencia para la conservación: Estrategias de Monitoreo y Restauración en el Bosque Atlántico”

Evento somente presencial, en Asociación Hotelera Gastronómica y Afines de Iguazú, Puerto Iguazú, Argentina

20/09/2023 17:00

Launch of MapBiomas Water - Amazon Countries

The event will take place in BTH Hotel Lima Golf, in Lima/Peru, and gather the main specialists and scientists of the region to analyze the surface water dynamic and explore its vital importance.

During the event, crucial themes will be discussed regarding the impacts of land use, infrastruture and climate change in the aquatic ecossystems. In addittion, there will be shared well succeed experiences on water management in the Amazon countries, highlighting the conservancy importance of this fundamental resource.

27/07/2023 10:00

Regional Webinar RAD 2022 – Midwest | MapBiomas Alert

Regarding the Midwest region, the webinar had representants from the states of Mato Grosso, Mato Grosso do Sul, Goiás e Distrito Federal to discuss the actions made upon deforestation surveillance. 

Watch the g webinar recording on MapBiomas Youtube Channel. It is the second webinar from a serie of regional webinars based on the Annual Deforestation Report data (RAD 2022).

Broadcast on the following platforms: Youtube

26/04/2023 08:30

Launch of the Collection 2 | MapBiomas Fire

Presenting fire scars data in Brazil from 1985 to 2022, the MapBiomas Fire will launch its second collection on April 26, starting at 08h30 a.m, in Brasilia at Prev Fogo/Ibama Auditorium.

Register  here and stay tune on our social media for more information on the event schedulue.

21/04/2023 20:30

Launch of the Collection 1 | MapBiomas Bolívia

As part of the work with RAISG and MapBiomas, FAN has achieved the First Collection of Annual Maps of Land Cover and Use for the entire Bolivian territory covering the period from 1985 to 2021 and deforestation map for 2022.

The launch event will take place at the Guarayo Hall of the EXPOCRUZ Convention Center within the framework of Expoforest 2023, Santa Cruz - Bolivia, on Friday April 21 at 7:30 p.m local time. (8:30 p.m - Brasilia Time).

22/03/2023 11:00

World Water Day | MapBiomas Water and RAISG

On the World Water Day, MapBiomas and RAISG present data about water surface dynamic in Amazon Watershed. The online event will be broadcast on Youtube and conducted by the initiative members and invited specialist to discuss climate change risks regarding aquatic ecosystems and population.

Register here to participate!

Broadcast on the following platforms: Youtube