Collection Launch

MapBiomas is constantly developing new products and initiatives. Each year, a new collection of land cover and land use maps is released, improved and extended to the corresponding new period. Allied to all this, it also holds events about the collections with the participation of external guests and with discussions on the work carried out and the prospects for monitoring land use and its applications in Brazil.

7th MapBiomas Annual Seminar - Collection 7

MapBiomas Collection 7 data present 37 years of Brazil's annual land use and cover maps at a 30 m scale. This collection has 27 land use classes mapped. The launch event occured on august 26th in Brasília(BR) and can be watch through the video below:


6th Mapbiomas Annual Seminar - Collection 6

The MapBiomas Collection 6 data present the 36 years (1985 to 2020) of Brazil's annual land use and cover maps at a 30 m scale with improvements in biome accuracy and new agriculture classes. In this collection, the new IBGE limit of 1:250,000 scale biomes has already been used and has 25 mapped classes. The launch event took place on August 27, 2021 and can be seen in full below.


Mapbiomas Water

Where is the water that was here? Data from Collection 1 of MapBiomas Água presents the analysis of satellite images of the entire national territory between 1985 and 2020 and indicates a clear trend of loss of surface water in all hydrographic regions, in all biomes of the country. Check out the event below:


Fire Mapbiomas Launch

Data from Collection 1 of MapBiomas Fogo present the impacts of fire on the national territory over 36 years (1985 and 2020). In each of these years, Brazil burned an area larger than England: 150,957 km² per year, or 1.8% of the country. The accumulated for the period reaches practically a fifth of the national territory: 1,672,142 km², or 19.6% of Brazil, with 65% of the total burned area being native vegetation. The event can be seen below:


5th Mapbiomas Annual Seminar - Collection 5

Collection 5 of Brazil's annual land use and land coover maps (with inclusion of 2019) was launched 
at the 5th MapBiomas Annual Seminar: Revealing the land use in Brazil with science and transparency,
on August 28. The event was online, with live transmission on the MapBiomas Channel on YouTube
and on the MapBiomas Page on Facebook. Among the novelties of Collection 5 are deforestation and regeneration data, such as the rate of
loss of native vegetation by biome and views of the territories where, proportionally, there is more
secondary vegetation.


4th Mapbiomas Annual Seminar - Collection 4

Collection 4 of Brazil's annual land use and land cover maps (with improvements and inclusion 2018) was launched at the 4th Annual MapBiomas Seminar on August 29 in Brasilia. It also presented the release of unpublished deforestation and regeneration data for all Brazilian biomes in the last three decades mapped by the MapBiomas initiative.

4th Annual Seminar Agenda  

Collection 4 Presentation


3rd Mapbiomas Annual Seminar - Collection 3

The MapBiomas Collection 3 was launched in the 3rd MapBiomas Annual Seminar: Three decades of transformation of Brazilian territory, on August 17th, 2018, in Brasília. In the third collection of land cover and land use maps, MapBiomas doubled the length of the period, covering all the years from 1985 to 2017. MapBiomas team and invited specialists presented new data and discussed their applications for public policy.

3rd Annual Seminar Agenda 

Collection 3 Presentation


2nd Mapbiomas Annual Seminar - Collection 2

The MapBiomas Collection 2 was launched in the 2nd Annual Seminar of MapBiomas: Transformations in Brazilian Territory in the 21st Century, on April 28th 2017, in Brasilia. This seminar presented to the technical/scientific community and public policy makers the land cover and land use annual maps from 2000 to 2016, methods and tools of MapBiomas and its applications on understanding the transformations of the territory and its economic impacts, social and environmental.

2nd Annual Seminar Agenda 

Collection 2 Presentation


1st Mapbiomas Annual Seminar - Collection 1

In the 1st MapBiomas Annual Seminar, the Collection 1 was launched with the land cover and land use maps from 2008 to 2015 of the entire national territory produced with Landsat images. The Collection 1 was released on April 29, 2016, in Brasilia, where it was an opportunity to present to the technical and scientific community the results, methods and tools used in MapBiomas first collection of maps, as well as receive critics, suggestions and contributions for its improvements and evolution.

1st Annual Seminar Agenda 

Collection 1 Presentation


Mapbiomas Technical Seminar - Collection Beta

On November 26th, 2015, the MapBiomas web-platform was launched. In this first MapBiomas seminar it was presented the open and collaborative platform created to generate the maps, and the first pilot and experimental series of land cover mapping for the period of 2008 to 2015 for the entire country.


Collection Beta Presentation