Applications in Schools and Actions to Combat Deforestation are the novelties of the fifth edition of the MapBiomas Award

Registration for the 5th edition of the MapBiomas Award is open until March 2023

Registration is open for the 5th edition of the MapBiomas Award, which will distribute R$ 80,000 among the winners. The novelty this year is the inclusion of two categories: Outstanding Applications in Schools and Actions to Combat Deforestation. Registration is free and can be done until the end of March 2023 here on the site. The announcement of the results and the awards are expected to take place in June of next year.

Held in partnership with the Ciência Hoje Institute, the MapBiomas Award aims to recognize, stimulate and expand the use of data from any module or initiative of the project in Brazil and abroad, by students, teachers, researchers, members of the government, business sector and civil society in works that develop solutions and contribute to the production of knowledge.  

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The new category Highlighted Applications in Schools opens space for works that use data from any MapBiomas initiative in basic education (infant, elementary or high school) in teaching materials and classes, for example, as well as other curricular and extracurricular activities or teaching resources in schools. The special category Actions to Combat Deforestation aims to recognize projects that use data from any MapBiomas initiative to support actions to reduce, combat and monitor deforestation.

For Julia Shimbo, scientific coordinator of MapBiomas, the expansion of the award categories aims to reflect the growing diversity of use of open data produced under different initiatives and projects: MapBiomas Brasil, MapBiomas Amazônia, MapBiomas Chaco, MapBiomas Bosque Atlantico, MapBiomas Pampa Sul-Americano, MapBiomas Indonesia, MapBiomas Alerta, MapBiomas Fogo, MapBiomas Água, MapBiomas Árida or the GeoCovid MapBiomas portal. "MapBiomas was born with the principle that science should be open, accessible and usable to generate a positive impact. Each edition of the award proves us that this premise is true: the use of the data generated by MapBiomas has grown and diversified year after year. That is why since last year we have created new categories to recognize and encourage use beyond the scientific community," explains.

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With the new additions, this edition will have a record six categories: General, Young People, Application in Public Policies, Application in Business, Application in Schools, and Actions to Combat Deforestation. In all, the eight works that present the greatest consistency, relevance, originality, innovation and potential for technical-scientific, socio-economic, environmental and public policy impact will be chosen. 

The MapBiomas Award is open to submissions of unpublished works or works produced during 2022 such as studies, articles, monographs, dissertations, theses or reports, individual or co-authored by students from schools, technical, undergraduate and graduate levels, professors, professionals from private companies or NGOs, public administrators, etc.  For the categories of public policy, business, schools, and actions to combat deforestation, submissions do not need to be in scientific paper format. There is no age or educational restriction, except for the Young category, which only accepts papers by authors who are up to 30 years old and who have not yet graduated or will graduate during 2022.